Jammall is a parolee who works in Villalobos Rescue Center. He has seen a dog who has been tied up on a porch near his home. He never saw anyone feed the dog.

The dog was in terrible shape, and Jammall knew he needed to do something. He kept feeding the dog and even talked to the landlord about him. That’s when Jammall learned that the dog’s family got evicted and needed to move out. Unfortunately, they left him.

Together with a personnel from the rescue, Jammall asked the landlord if he could come and pick up the dog. The landlord agreed. If they would not take the dog, there’s a big chance that it would go to a shelter. Once a dog is in a shelter, he could get euthanized.


The dog’s name was Duke. It was an easy rescue as Duke happily went with the rescue team. He genuinely looked happy to get out of that place. They wanted Duke to have a fresh start, and doing so would mean getting a brand new name. They renamed him Krew.

When they got to the rescue, the main thing is to check Krew for heartworms. Having a dog with heartworms would mean that they get to stay longer in the rescue center. The dog would be unadoptable until he is treated.

Treatment would last for months, which is not an ideal setting. Dogs need to be in a home with their forever families. Thankfully, the test came back negative. Krew was even neutered. He was really to be adopted.

The rescue team needs to find out what he likes first. Once they do get all the necessary information, Krew would be up for adoption. Jammall said that if one can’t take care of their dogs, it’s better to give it to someone who can than abandoning it. He is absolutely right.

Source Animal Planet via YouTube



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