Of the several hundred dog breeds in the world, only a handful of breeds are considered to be good guard dogs. When the word ‘guard dog’ comes up, most people would think of a German Shepherd, Rottweiler or Doberman.

Well, for one, these dogs do look menacing and very fearless, and just a bark from any of these dogs is more than enough to weaken any intruder’s resolve.

But our story is about a brave dog that despite his breed, he was able to save his humans from a dangerous intruder.


Golden Retrievers are known for their docile personality. They are charming, affectionate and generally friendly. They are considered ideal family dogs. The retriever is a people pleaser, smart and very gentle. They are exceptionally affectionate and patient with kids of all ages.

But Sadie, a Golden Retriever proved that in spite of her sweet and gentle nature, she could protect her family against danger.

According to her family, Sadie is a very laid-back dog. She is generally calm and gentle and has never snapped at anyone before. But she was exactly the opposite when a stranger walked into their home uninvited.

Sadie bravely protected her family even as she was punched repeatedly by the intruder.

Watch the footage below for the full interview.


The family was so happy and proud of what their sweet Sadie did. She proved to them that she loved her family and is willing to give her life for them.

What a brave dog you are Sadie, you just showed the world how much you love your family.

We hope this story would bring awareness to people all around how vital and valuable a dog is in our society, that they deserve our love and respect.

Source WXYZ-TV Detroit | Channel 7 via YouTube






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