The world is full of news and stories regarding animals being abused and neglected. On the other hand are wonderful stories of people saving animals from certain death hence transforming emotions of anger and frustration into hope and happiness.

This is the story of a woman named Amanda who did everything she could to save a stray dog.

Amanda did everything she could to earn the dog’s trust.

Although it took some time, for Amanda, it was worth the wait.

Together with her friend, Dylan, Amanda drove to an area called Evan’s Creek in the middle of the night to find the dog. They had brought enough food for the dog. They had tried coaxing him with food, but unfortunately, the dog didn’t trust them. He didn’t even look at the food or them.

Amanda heard about the homeless dog when she was tagged in a social media post. The poor dog was very emaciated and was feeding on scraps.

The couple thought that the food they brought would be enough to coax the poor dog closer. But it didn’t get them anywhere.

The time came when they needed to get back to town for more food. Amanda returned the next day, and this time they were more prepared.

Luckily, Bear – as what Amanda named him, didn’t leave the area. Again, they offer him more food to no avail.

As their last-ditch effort, Amanda decided to get on the ground. Amanda slowly crawled towards Bear. The dog growled as the woman got nearer, but he didn’t bite her.

To let him know that she didn’t mean any harm towards him, Amanda let out a whimpering, yawning sound – which is very calming to the dog.  Soon she was near Bear and the next thing they knew, Bear just cuddled with her.

Watch the clip below of Amanda’s incredible dedication to rescue Bear.


Finally, Amanda gained Bear’s trust, and the rescue team was able to bring him to the vet.

What an incredible story of trust and dedication. Great job Amanda because you just saved a dog off the streets.

Source MY DOGS via YouTube


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