There’s no saying how life has been for Melody in the past before being surrendered to an animal shelter in Texas last year.

She’s just another pup that ended up unwanted. But there’s one thing that’s clear, despite her frail and severely emaciated state, Melody had all the reasons not to give up.

The sweet pup’s condition is a giveaway of the neglect she had to go through. Yet, Melody was able to overcome the sadness. She gave birth to 10 beautiful puppies – a lovely litter that was dropped at the shelter with her.


In spite of having an unhealthy weight herself, the mama dog made sure all her babies got the nutrition that they needed from her. Melody fed them well.

And when Dallas DogRRR President Patti Dawson learned about the dogs’ ordeal, it pulled strings in her heart.

“My friend works at the shelter where they were dropped. She knew I always had the soft spot for mamas in the shelter and sent me her pictures,” said Dawson. “I simply couldn’t stop thinking about them. Melody’s will to survive and care for her puppies is amazing.”

Because Melody is a Pitbull mama, she was at a distinguished disadvantage in finding someone who would adopt her. Once all her puppies are weaned, the mama’s days became numbered. If no one comes for her, Melody will be put on a deadline.

Dawson pleaded through Facebook. She asked for someone to foster Melody. Thankfully, one foster carer of Dallas DogRRR came forward and agreed to take in Melody and all her 10 puppies. And to everyone’s delight, it signaled the significant changes in Melody’s life.

Once she was moved to her temporary home, Melody’s transformation became evident. She knew that she and her babies are finally safe. She put on weight and adjusted perfectly into their new home.

Credits to Dallas DogRRR



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