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It is already December, and this month marks the start of the countdown for Christmas. By tradition, this is the time of the year when people give gifts to their friends and loved ones. If you are a dog-loving person and are looking for presents to your friends who are also dog lovers, these stuffed toys might be perfect for you.

An organization known as Operation ResCUTE seeks to help rescued dogs through selling toys. The toys resemble real dog faces since the organization wants to introduce the dogs creatively. Aside from helping rescue dogs, the organization likewise wants to instill to the younger generation the importance of adopting rescue dogs. The reason why the organization targets young people is that this generation will be the ones to take over the future.

Each toy that the organization sells is a depiction of a real-life rescue dog. The package also comes with a short storybook, wherein the story of the rescued dog is written. All profits from this undertaking shall support the rehabilitation of the rescued dogs.


Laurie Brown-Nagin, a marketing researcher by profession, thought of this idea in honor of the first pooch she nurtured. Named Jingles, the pooch is still with Brown-Nagin and is doing fine under her care.

According to Brown-Nagin, one of her purposes in putting up this organization is to teach people the value of adoption. Brown-Nagin’s advocacy started when she learned that most Americans do not prefer adoption. She read a study that said only 30 percent of households in the United States have pets who came from animal shelters.

This fact saddened her because there are too many rescued dogs in animal shelters who need a loving home. This is the reason why she formed the organization. Until now, Brown-Nagin continues with her advocacy, and she said the happy feeling of helping dogs is what keeps her going.

Posted by Operation Rescute, Inc. on Monday, December 17, 2018

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