We love our dogs but sometimes dogs will do the weirdest things and we are left amused, dazzled or cleaning up after them or all of the above. These things are usually annoying yet cute.

Dogs are very good at doing their best to get what they want when they want it. Whether they can be trained out of such things is a story for another day. In this article, I will share some interesting experiences, that I have had with my dogs.

  1.  Does your dog follow you everywhere when you are home? Dogs normally will follow you around as they are natural pack animals. They do not like being alone. Dogs are at their best and thrive when they are with company whether its people or other dogs.


  1. Does your dog get out of the leash, the moment an opportunity presents itself. Dogs do not like being restricted. When going out on a walk make sure that the dog leash is well fastened while ensuring that the dog is comfortable; one should be able to pass two fingers between the collar and the dog’s fur. Sometimes, you may think that the leash is well fastened, but in reality it is not. I learned this lesson the hard way, while taking my dog Scooby, for a walk. A seemingly curious stray dog approached us and before I knew what was happening, he started barking at Scooby. Within seconds, as I attempted to lift Scooby out of the way, she struggled out of the leash and ran for dear life. Thankfully Scooby was able to outrun the other dog, at which point the other dog stopped and walked away in the opposite direction. When Scooby realized the chase was over, she stopped and I was able to catch up with her. That day, I was glad that Scooby’s leash was loose, but you can only imagine what would have happened had Scooby been the aggressor.


  1. Does your dog, though potty trained, every once in a while, empty their bladder on the floor or even worse on the carpet. Dogs sometimes do this, when they want to get your attention, especially if there has been a drastic change in their environment. If the problem becomes an everyday occurrence, it is advisable to visit the veterinarian, as the problem could be as a result of a medical condition.


  1. Does your dog give you a ‘damsel in distress’ look by staring at you with cute puppy dog eyes, when they realize that you are leaving or when they do not get their way. Dogs do this when they are trying to get your attention or they may be trying to communicate that they will miss you when you are gone.


  1. Does your dog scratch the door endlessly when they are alone in another room. They do this when they want to be let out or they will do this sometimes at meal time if you delay in feeding them. This can be pretty costly, if it continues for an extended period of time. You may want to get a dog door shield to prevent the door from being damaged.


  1. Does your dog bark endlessly at strangers. Dogs are territorial and when they sense potential danger, they will bark. Dogs have a very strong sense of smell. Scientists say that their sense of smell is fourty times stronger than for humans. Even before they see you, they know when you have come home and will be at the door to welcome you home. They will also start barking when they sense a stranger in the driveway. Dogs can be trained out of this habit.


  1. Does your dog refuse to eat for no apparent reason. A dog’s appetite and taste can change over time. When this happens, you should gradually change their food while mixing it with the old food for a few weeks before completely switching. A medical condition could also be the cause of lack of appetite.


  1. Does your dog trash the house if left unattended or in a room that is not dog proof. If you leave a dog by themselves in the house unsupervised, you are likely to find either your furniture cushions torn apart. The flour in the kitchen scattered all over the place or the bathroom floor filled with water with a near empty toilet bowl or all of the above. The solution for this is to make sure that your dog is left in a dog proof room and make sure the doors are securely locked. Dogs are very clever and they can easily open a door if it is not locked. Dogs will drink from the toilet bowl if the lid is left open this is because to them the toilet water is fresh and cool. You may want to consider leaving the dog outside in the backyard if it is well fenced and the weather is conducive.


  1. Does your dog eat anything in sight that is not covered. A dog is likely to help themselves to the garbage can or any opened food jars in the kitchen that they can reach, if left alone. The reason dogs do this is because they may be bored, they may just be exploring or they may be having a medical condition, which would require a visit to the veterinarian.


  1. Does your dog chase the cat. A dog is likely to chase a cat if the opportunity presents itself. Dogs do this by instinct. Socializing your dog with cats and other dogs may help.

11. Does your dog sit on your furniture and knock you off your seat. This may be avoided by getting a specially designated dog seat for your dog that can be placed in the family room so that the dog can lounge with the family.





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