Loyal Dog

Dogs are known to be very loyal to their owners. Here are two touching stories of dogs who were loyal to their human companions, one of the dogs lost the beloved owner after he passed away, while the other dog was abandoned.

Outside a shop in South Korea, a dog was seen lying on a mat and from the first day he was spotted there, he would remain on that spot for days on end. Even the rain would not deter him.

The dog would cry with tears from his pain streaming down his face. He would look at each and every person entering the store as if looking for someone.

Abandoned Dog

Even when enticed by someone to follow them away from that place, the dog would hesitantly follow, but only for a short distance, before turning back and going back to the same spot.

Some concerned people called the vet and the dog was diagnosed with dog heartworm. The neighbors concluded that the owner must have left the dog there with the words “stay here” and to keep the promise the dog stayed there waiting for his owner to return. Sadly they never came back for him. The dog did remain loyal in spite of the owners seeming betrayal. And thankfully, in the end, he was rescued by well-wishers.

In Bursa Turkey, a dog named Cesur was so close to his companion, 79-year-old Mehmet Ilhan, that when Ihlan died, the dog mourned along with everyone else. Before his passing, the owner had been paralyzed for many years due to illness. Cesur would keep him company and the two had a very deep connection and were inseparable.

During Ilhan’s last days, Cesur refused to eat. Eventually, Ihlan succumbed to his illness and passed away. Cesur was heartbroken. When Ihlan’s body was brought home for burial, Cesur refused to leave his beloved’s side. Cesur even led the funeral procession as his beloved was taken to the cemetery for burial. At the funeral, Cesur was seen bowing down his head, barely moving.

In the days that followed, Ilhan’s son Ali noticed that when he would leave for work in the morning, Cesur would also leave. Out of curiosity, one day he followed the dog and found out that Cesur had been going to Ilhan’s grave. The people who worked at the cemetery confirmed that Cesur would come to visit the grave every day. They all wondered if the dog would ever get over Ilhan’s death.

Ali said he would do all he could to comfort the grieving pet. This dog was loyal even unto death.

This is an excerpt from the video below, a tribute to Cesur’s loyalty, “Friendship comes and goes and most of the time doesn’t last, but then there are those lucky enough to have a friend like Cesur, whose love extends from this life into the next. There is nothing truer in this world than the love of a good dog. And to never know the love of a dog is to miss the best thing life has to give”.

Video courtesy of SBS TV 


Video Courtesy Of Bravenzier


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