Sad Dog

A dog is said to be man’s best friend. This is due to the strong connection a human being and a dog can develop. Dogs can be very perceptive when it comes to being able to sense the emotions of their owners and even in some instances people who they may not be familiar with.

Research has shown that dogs have therapeutic capabilities, for example, being able to detect diseases like cancer in humans, lowering of anxiety and high blood pressure in people that comes from petting a dog, offering companionship for people suffering from depression and contributing to improved heart health in people.

The bond between a man and his dog can be very strong. It can be compared to the bond between a baby and his parents. The relationship is symbiotic with the man providing the dog with food and shelter. And in return, a dog providing companionship and loyalty.

There is a bond between a man and his dog that can be so strong as to cause severe heartache to both in case of separation. Such a connection was exhibited between one man and his dog after the house they were living was burned down and the two were separated.

The story begins in South Korea with Ddol, a dog that is walking up and down the streets with an uplifted injured hind leg chasing after cars as if desperately searching for someone. The dog leads a concerned man to a house that had previously burnt down to the ground.

The dog was hopelessly sad. He would spend his day going through the rubble, crying and howling for long periods. It was like he was mourning. At one point, he is seen rummaging through debris, looking for his owner and then letting out a sad agonizing howl where the man’s trousers lay. It was obvious that Ddol missed his owner.

The owner of the house had been taken to the hospital after suffering second-degree burns from the fire. He had lost track of the dog as he was in so much pain. While he was hospitalized the owner was shown a video clip of his dog and he burst out in tears when he saw the state his dog was in.

He missed the dog hopelessly and was saddened by the fact that the dog was hurt and walked with a limp. In the midst of tears, he points out that Ddol still sleeps at the same spot he would sleep every night before the house fire that led to their separation.

Before the fire, the grandmother of the man had passed away after suffering from Alzheimer’s for some time. The three used to spend most of their time together. Shortly after that, the fire incident led to Ddol and the man being separated.

The dog was rescued from the streets after being led into a pen that had some of the man’s clothes and a laptop playing a recording of the man calling Ddol. At the animal hospital, they gave him food which he stubbornly refused to eat. When the man learned that Ddol was not eating, he blamed himself and with tears could not finish watching footage of Ddol’s suffering.

Ddol needed something familiar to be able to cope. The rescuers requested the man to urge Ddol to eat through a video recording.  When they played it, Ddol hesitated at first wondering where the voice was coming from and then he began to eat. His owner’s voice kept Ddol going for the weeks that followed, as he would only eat when he heard the familiar voice.

The story ends with a reunion that is so touching and is proof of the unforgettable connection a man can have with his best friend.

Credit For Video: SBS TV via Youtube



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