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Through the years, more and more movies are being produced with dogs as part of its characters or storyline. If you are a dog lover, these movies are a must watch.

Marley and Me (2008)

First released on cinemas in 2008, Marley and Me tops the list of the must-watch films for dog lovers.

The film is a mixture of comedy and drama, and it revolves around the lives of an American couple who adopted a yellow Labrador retriever, who became an integral part of their eventual family life.

The film was highly-acclaimed that it was followed by a prequel in 2011 entitled Marley & Me: The Puppy Years.

A Dog’s Purpose (2017)

True to its movie title, a dog’s purpose shows how dogs reincarnate from their past life to another life.

The movie, inspired by the bestselling novel by W. Bruce Cameron of the same title, shows the soulful story of a dog who looks for meaning in his own life through the help of the people’s lives he previously touched.

Hachi: A dog’s tale (2009)

Inspired by real-life events, this movie shows the excellent bond between a man and his dog, Hachiko.

Told by the man’s grandson, Ronnie, the film showed how Professor Parker Wilson, found a lost puppy at a train station in Japan and eventually adopted him. The storyline will warm your heart and will surely make you realize to love your dogs even more.

Dog Days (2018)

This dog movie can cater to a wide range of audience, from individual pet lovers to a family of dog lovers.

Set in Los Angeles, Dog Days shows how dogs changed and improved the lives of their owners. It likewise portrayed how dogs made everyone friends in the neighborhood.

Thanks to their pet dogs, the families in this movie formed a great bond with each other.


A Dog’s Way Home (2019)

The movie captures the frustration and dangers that a lost dog can experience and the difficult life that stray dogs go through out there.

Set in Denver Colorado this movie is a must see. It is about a dog named Bella and the bond that she shared with a young man who rescued her from the basement of an abandoned house, where Bella lived with her pitbull mother dog before she was captured due to a statewide law that all stray pit bulls should be impounded. Lucas rescues Bella and the two become inseparable.

Due to the statewide law and an animal control officer who had a personal vendetta against him and his mother, Lucas is forced to take Bella to a relative in New Mexico, as he makes plans to move to another state. Bella thinking she has been abandoned runs away and travels 400 miles to be reunited with Lucas.


How many of these movies have you been able to watch as of yet?


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