We love dogs because they are adorable. And their quirky attitude is just one of the reasons why we love them even more. They are naturally funny. Some even have their unique way of quirkiness.

Most dogs are happy to have lean meat inside their bowl. Some would even smooch over dry dog food. But there is a dog who would only eat her food if it’s prepared the way she thinks it should be done.

Luna the gorgeous Golden Retriever visited us at the salon today for a VIP pamper.

Posted by The Groom Room Bolton Town on Sunday, January 25, 2015

A golden retriever named Luna got our attention because of the way she wants her food to be served. She is a very picky eater. She is not your typical dog who will just run to her food whenever it is served.

This has been her fur dad’s problem for a very long time. There are times when she would sit and stare at her food. She won’t even touch it.

This dog wasn’t eating her food – but her dad knew exactly how to trick her! 😍https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzo0JvagqzIScY_qk_alLgg

Posted by Appreciate on Saturday, March 3, 2018

So, Luna’s dad thought of a creative and tricky way that can help her eat her food whenever it is served. Guess Luna likes to see her food to be prepared just like how humans prepare theirs. So, her pet dad puts her food inside the oven to “cook” it.

But don’t worry! He does not really cook the food. He only puts his fur baby’s food inside the oven without turning it on. Then, he will set the timer just to show Luna that her food is really getting cooked.

You can see clearly that Luna is patiently waiting for her food to be cooked. She is anticipating it, unlike before when she would stare blankly at it and wouldn’t want to eat it. Now that Luna’s dad came up with this idea, she doesn’t have to sit and stare at her food anymore. Thanks to her very creative dad!

Credits: The Groom Room Bolton Town, Appreciate


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