This exceptionally lucky pup is Maya. She’s blessed with a forever family who loves her so much.
And not just that; she also has another home within their home.

David Connolly, Maya’s dad, is the owner of FDS NI (Fencing Decking Specialists NI), a company that specializes in designing and constructing outdoor fences and decks in the United Kingdom. Whenever he can, he tags Maya along to work. But, there are times when the lovely pup has to stay home.

During the days when Maya is left alone, David noticed that the pup prefers to spend most of the day outside.
So, he made sure that his furry family member stays as cozy and comfortable as possible. Hence, David crafted a luxurious little cabin where Maya can hang out.

It may look a bit rustic, but Maya’s little cabin is furnished with modern amenities. Her dad made sure that she has everything that she needs to stay comfortable and protected. And Maya loves every piece of it.

The lodge has a porch, a night light, and insulated floor. A mini heater is also installed, so Maya stays warm during winter.
Isn’t it the perfect accommodation for a dog who loves the outdoors?

Once David is back from work, Maya still prefers to be inside their main house, just beside her dad.
But on occasions when he gets home later than expected, he made sure Maya won’t have to stay outside alone in the dark.
When the sun sets, Maya’s little home truly shines.

For David, all his time and effort in building the cabin is his way of showing how much he loves Maya.
She’s his best friend, family, and most loyal companion. And while Maya may be having great times in her little cabin,
nothing beats hanging out with her dad. Hiking, playing outside, and watching TV are just a few of the things they love doing together.

Credits to David Connolly


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