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Animal rescue group Hope For Paws received information about a dog that just collapsed in a yard. A team from the organization rushed to check on the dog.

The owner of the place where this dog had collapsed felt like the dog needed help so she made the call to Hope For Paws. When the team arrived, she told them that they had already given the dog some food since it was really starving.

The team saw that the dog found standing up difficult because of a swollen paw. It was good that the dog was cooperative.


The dog was then named Milo. The team gave Milo assurance that things were soon going to be better. They put him in their car and rushed him to the vet for some checkup.

It was found out that Milo didn’t have anything broken. But he was suffering from a bad infection. His shoulder had some pus. That was probably caused by a wound from a dog bite.

Milo got the right treatment for his condition. He also was given a relaxing bath.

Soon enough, Milo was feeling better. From being a dog in pain, he became an epitome of happiness. He was happy to have people giving him care and helping him be better. Milo also showed that he had a playful side and people were enjoying him.

Milo is now not afraid to show his real personality. He now has nothing bothering him because he is being nursed back to health.

Cause for SB Paws, an organization that helps dogs, also assisted Milo. They did their best to find him a new home. As luck would have it, a family was interested in him and were open to adopting him.

Milo’s rescue is a success and he is now happy to be living with a family who loves him.

Source: Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel



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