In 2019, America is in for a treat by America’s Got Talent. One of the teams that have made it to the live shows is Lucas, a young man, and his dog, Falco, a beautiful, intelligent Border Collie.

Their audition was an act that had the judges and the audience spellbound with the dog and his beloved owner dancing together with every move in sync.

The talented dog and owner have been together since the dog was a puppy. Now at ten years old, Falco is nearing old age and Lucas says that this will be his last performance, as the is for Falco to retire after America’s Got Talent.


Their tricks are on point with the duo very excited and enjoying themselves to the full. Throughout the whole act, the audience is captivated waiting to see what they would do next.

The bond between this young man and his dog is undeniable.

During the judge cuts show this past week, the duo’s act goes a notch higher and this time they incorporate lots of props reenacting one of Simon’s favorite shows. The showmanship of both dog and owner is indisputable.

There is a lot for dog lovers to learn from Lucas and Falco on having a strong bond and many dog owners wonder how they can improve the bond that they have with their pet.

I would imagine that in ensuring that the bond between one and his dog, spending quality time establishes a strong bond with them. Your dog with time learns you and knows whether he/she can entrust you with their wellbeing.

Some people say that dogs have an instinct where they automatically sense whether a person is good or bad but also with time especially for dogs that have been through trauma due to being mistreated or abandoned, such dogs will trust you depending on how you treat them over time.

In regards to a great performance, as with all skills, it is necessary to sharpen them with practice; practice makes perfect. Even with talent and especially with our pets, practice is what really refines and perfects the skill.

Falco seemed to know exactly what was expected and would jump on his owner’s back without a second thought.

The duo has made it through the AGT judge cuts. I cannot wait to see what they will do when the live shows start.

All dog lovers are in for a treat this season.

Source: Talent Recap on YouTube 



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