Have you ever seen a pug balance a treat on top of their nose? This pooch has the skills to do several tricks including that one!

This pup is well-trained pug named Angel for a good reason as she acts like one! Her owner stated in his capttaylor03 YouTube account that he has a lot of dogs of different breeds, and by far, Angel the pug is the most loving, smart, friendly, and enjoyable pooch among them all.

Dog Tricks

The dog tricks that this pooch does include the basics such as stay, sit, and shake hands. However, what makes Angel outstanding is that she can balance a treat on her nose.

Pugs have a snub face, and it seems impossible to place anything on top of their nose! This pug did it and in one swift move, got the munchie to fly off from on top of her snout directly into her mouth!


Angel, the pug, is thoroughly motivated as the package of her favorite treat is placed right in front of her as she performs! She knew the routine which was after doing one trick after another; she gets to eat one of those goodies.

Dogs like Angel are heaven-sent as they provide us with companionship. Our pets are fun to be with, and the hours we spend with them can be moments that filled with laughter.

When we are with our pooch, we have the chance to provide them a learning experience, as they are smart and do require training.

Motivated dog

Teaching a dog tricks makes them be their best, helping them achieve their maximum potential. It is not just for entertainment reasons but to tap their intelligence.

This pug shows that being motivated by a reward can bring out the best in a dog as she gained several skills.

Training a pooch to learn skills requires them to be motivated. Prizes such as treats are there to give after they are successful in doing the trick, and the package filled with goodies indeed drive this pug.

Going for the goal

How this pug performs tricks on command is an excellent example of how rewards training works. Just like us, humans, our canine friends want to strive to reach a goal, which can be a pat on the head. For this lovable pooch, the goal was food!

Source: capttaylor03|YouTube


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