Cowell with his favorite duo; Diddly and Squiddly

Long before rising to fame, Simon had a strong bond with dogs and would always adore the small pups. “I have always loved dogs but I had no idea how much happiness they would bring to my life…” Cowell said in a statement during an interview with the Human Society International; a not-for-profit organization that addresses animal issues worldwide.

He is a celebrated figure in the entertainment industry and an influential media personality whose combination of droll, yet sarcastic personality has landed him on the highly-coveted position. Like him or not, Simon Cowell is a star in his own right. He has co-hosted several high-end TV shows while doubling up as a judge in many TV competitions, such as the X-Factor, American Idol, Pop Idol, etc.

Many know Simon for his “Mr. Nasty personality”, and while that can’t be any true, the same isn’t a replica of his personal life. Simon has talked about his tough-guy persona, as something created to suit his position at work. Howie Mandel, America’s got talent co-host was once asked about Simon’s hidden talent and personality and he insisted that Simon is the kindest person he ever met. “…Simon comes to stage as an executive but -never on camera- he goes up and really talks, he makes sure nobody leaves the stage uncomfortable.”

In his interview with “PeopleTV’s Reality Check”, Howie gave a hint about Cowell’s relationship with his dogs saying that the ‘X Factor’ boss has a unique command of his dogs. “…Simon’s hidden talent is- he would if he could and was allowed to, train dogs. He has got his dogs, and he has trained them really well. His dogs can do flips, wave to visitors and as if that’s not much; they only walk on their hind legs all through the house. It’s like a circus! Simon’s Circus!”

As of 2016, Simon had three Yorkshire terriers under his care. Before adopting Freddy, he had two cute Yorkshires; Squiddly and Diddly. Simon’s mother passed away leaving behind Freddy, and Simon took him in as an addition to the family. Speaking to US Weekly, Simon confessed that he not only allows his dogs to sleep in his bed, but also takes them on holidays, and sometimes get in the bath with them.

Freddie, Squiddly and Diddly

Besides showing love and affection to his own dogs, Simon has gone a step further to ensure all dogs in the world are being treated right. Through the Human Society International, Cowell has been at the forefront in donating money to help shut down the South Korean dog meat farms. During the 2016-2017 campaigns in which Cowell was one of the sponsors, more than 200 dogs were saved from the hands of merciless locals desperate for the dog meat.

Simon's favorite dog breeds
Daisy, the rescue dog adopted in Barbados

Cowell is a devoted dog lover. In December 2018, during a trip to Barbados, he met an abandoned pup and he adopted her right away. He named the terrier cross, Daisy and is now one of the four canines enjoying the executive lifestyle of Mr. Cowell.

Simon is never short of controversies and on several counts, admitted to claims of trying to clone his two dogs; Squiddly and Diddly. Cloning is a process of swabbing DNA from one dog to a surrogate mother and while the procedure is totally harmless to the subject, the dare is raising eyebrows among his fans. Not only is the procedure costly but also very suggestive of Simon’s obsession with his dogs.

With a kid and a partner, Mr. Cowell is a family man who is adored beyond the high-end podiums, and when it comes to dogs; he has a reputation that well precedes who he is in person.


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