A family got the surprise of their life one day after getting a call from a shelter in North Carolina.
Their precious pooch, who had been missing for five years, was waiting for them at the facility.

A small black-and-white pooch named Zoey arrived at the Guilford County Animal Shelter in Greensboro,
North Carolina after being picked up from the streets as a stray. The employees then scanned her and found a microchip.

However, the chip wasn’t registered to an owner, so they hit a dead end. But instead of merely shrugging their shoulders,
the staff went the extra mile to find Zoey’s family. They knew that the owners would be thrilled to be reunited with the dog.


The Guilford County Animal Shelter reached out to other shelters and veterinary clinics in the area.
Their staff reckoned that someone might have information about who put the chip in the pooch, and this would lead them to Zoey’s owners.

After a series of calls, their efforts finally bore fruit, and they were able to obtain the family’s contact details.
Thankfully, the staff didn’t have a hard time getting in touch with the owners, who were in disbelief at the news.

The last time they saw Zoey was five years ago, and they never expected to see her again.
We can only imagine the thoughts racing through their heads when the Guilford County Animal Shelter told them that the pooch was safe and sound.

The owners wasted no time getting to Greensboro to pick up Zoey. The dog still remembered them,
and she excitedly rushed to one of the family’s children to get some much-deserved scratches and cuddles.

All the years just melted away, and it was as if Zoey and her family only saw each other the previous day.
Now that the pooch is back with her loved ones, she’ll surely be spoiled with many kisses and treats to make up for the time they were apart.

The Guilford County Animal Shelter, who shared the heartwarming story on their Facebook page,
reminds owners that they charge only $10 to chip a pet. This way, owners can easily find their animals should they get lost like Zoey.

Source: Guilford County Animal Services on Facebook



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