Dogs from puppy mills are neglected and never experience any love. Being rescued and having a family for the first time are some of the best moments puppy mill dogs can have.

Baby Cakes was a puppy mill dog. She was rescued together with more than twenty dogs. When Quianna saw her, she fell in love. She knew that Baby Cakes was the dog for her.

Quianna right Baby Cakes to the clinic to have her eye and ears checked. Her ear was giving off a foul odor while her eyes were red and had discharges.

Dr. Blue met with the duo and gave Baby Cakes a quick check. The doctor is suspecting that a yeast infection could cause the foul smell from her ears. This quite common in bulldogs.

For her eyes, the doctor can see that it is irritated. He wants to check if it is infected. To make sure that other health issues are addressed, he did a full physical check-up in Baby Cakes.

Dr. Blue was glad to see that the cause for his stinky ears was yeast, and nothing serious. Unfortunately, Baby Cakes has a condition called Entropion. Entropion is where a dog’s eyelids are rolled inwards.

This causes his eyelashes to touch his cornea, which irritates. Thankfully, Baby Cakes has no corneal damage. However, she needs to undergo an operation where the inward roll of her eyelids will be corrected. Her mother understood that it was required. It is to prevent further irritation and possible corneal damage.

Dr. Blue performed the surgery, which went well. The entropion has been corrected, and his ears have been cleaned as well. Baby Cakes are as good as new.

Quianna is happy to see that Baby Cakes is doing so much better. Quianna can finally go home with her beloved dog.

Source Animal Planet via YouTube


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