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Claire Louise Nixon has a soft spot for dogs. Because of this, the woman dedicated her life to rescuing poor dogs and giving these dogs the life they deserve. In 2008, Nixon began her work as a dog rescuer, and since then she has not stopped. Nixon also said that she has no plans of slowing down.

During her first rescue engagement, Nixon found it hard to transition. But since she is determined to remain faithful to her words, the Milton Keynes resident pulled through. Nixon named her first rescue dog as Thomas Cook, a cocker spaniel who has a cleft palate.

With her rescue of Thomas Cook, Nixon said this had ignited her passion for continuing what she started. She never knew that she would love this kind of profession, but Nixon said she finds fulfillment in helping dogs in need.

With this, it came as no surprise when Nixon decided to turn a part of her home into a sanctuary for dogs with special needs. While she has a soft spot for all dogs, Nixon said dogs with special needs are her topmost priority.

It was not a difficult decision on her part to turn her home into a sanctuary because she has always envisioned doing this. For her, although her job is a thankless one, Nixon wants to do it for the greater good of dogs.

As of last year, Nixon’s house became a home to 27 dogs with special needs. She said she receives ample support and help from different dog lovers who, from time to time, donate these dogs.

Nixon makes sure that she is hands-on in whatever she does for these dogs because she knows the needs of every dog. Sometimes she gets tired with what she does, but whenever Nixon is on the brink of giving up, Nixon asks herself why she started. This serves as her daily motivation and affirmation.

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