There’s no denying the fact that when a dog is knowledgeable with different and awesome tricks, he becomes the center of attention. Sometimes, with these tricks, he can entertain guest and family members while watching him perform. Dogs like to please their owner and showcasing his learned tricks give him the opportunity to “wow” his owner. However, tricks that are very elaborate and breathtaking are very hard to teach. Sometimes, only a dog trainer can pull it off. Here are the lists of tricks that are considered hard to teach by a typical dog owner to his pet.


Dogs bark. But when you teach him how to do it on your mark, it gets a little too disappointing. Sometimes your dog’s reaction would go into a full-ballistic bark fest or a defending silent stare at you.


This is hard to teach because it confuses a dog. Usually, the aim of this command intertwined with the command stay. Seconds of intervals are measured and are the difference of the command wait from the command stay.


A dog only crawls when it is necessary. For example, his favorite toy got stuck under furniture, no doubt he’ll crawl. But, when you teach a dog to crawl for long periods without him seeing the purpose, he’ll only break the routine off.

Sit pretty

Before teaching your dog to pull this trick off, make sure he is healthy. Check if there is anything that could cause pain especially on his back when he executes this trick. This is quite strenuous on the back as it requires the dog to sit in a position that is not common and is uncomfortable for them.


You may think that this trick is easy to pull off and teach to a dog but, if you own a dog with either of the following breeds, Jack Russel Terrier, Rottweiler, Afghan Hound or Shar Pei, their stubbornness might get in the way.

Stand tall

They might say that you can still teach old dogs with new tricks but with the exception of this one. The fragile body of a senior dog could not possibly support the position a dog is in when executing this. It is ideal to be taught on younger ones as it strengthens and develops stamina.


Social media are flooded with pets such as cats and dogs saw dancing but, if you look closely into those videos, you will see that this trick is common to small breed dogs. Patience and motivation are needs for this trick to be successful. Also, when a dog is clinically overweight, teaching this trick is a challenge because a dog’s hind end cannot support movements associated with a dance.

Pick up garbage

At first, this will create confusion for the dog. Instinctively, he will eat garbage (most dogs do) instead of picking it and throwing into the garbage can. If you want your dog to be productive, you will have to commit to reinforcing his good behavior and stopping him from eating it. Destination, patience and firm reinforcements needed.


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