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We all have seen videos and read stories of people getting dogs as a surprise. Despite this not being a new concept, jaws still drop and hearts still melt when gifted with this animal.

It doesn’t matter who gets the gift – a child, a senior, or an adult male – their stories are all adorable.

In this video, you would see just how a man just loses it when he gets a really good surprise. His girlfriend decided to get him a dog for his birthday.

Meet Matt Gorski, the lucky man who got a dog as a birthday gift. Matt has been with Jenna Sacks, his girlfriend, for a while now and they have been living together in a humble Brooklyn apartment in New York.

One day, Matt had to leave for a number of days to go on a business trip. Jenna found this the best time to get him the surprise since it would be his birthday when he gets home.

Jenna browsed through websites and decided on a dog named George Michael which she saw on the website of Bideawee Animal Rescue. For Jenna, this dog seems like the best dog to be part of their family.

They already had Ponyo, a dog. They had two before but the other dog passed so the couple had been thinking about getting a new one. They just haven’t really gotten around to doing it.

On the day that Matt came home, Jenna had the surprise ready. Matt arrived at their apartment was totally surprised to see George Michael! You would see just how much he loved the dog at first sight. And it seems like George Michael loved him too.

Watch the video and see how much Matt loved his surprise. Jenna’s surprise was a total success!

I surprised Matt Gorski with a golden mix puppy as a very early birthday gift. Best. Reaction. EVER. ❤️😘🐕Thank you Bideawee for this great addition to our family!!!

Posted by Jenna Sacks on Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Source: Jenna Sacks


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