Dog's Body Language

Do you recognize what your dog is attempting to communicate in various circumstances?

Dogs are said to be man’s best friend because they bring a positive experience for their owners. They make good companions and serve other functions in our lives. Knowing your dog and understanding his needs is necessary for developing a solid connection with him.

Not knowing what your dog needs from his body language can be a source of frustration for both you and your dog. It is therefore very important to know what your dog needs through how they are communicating through facial expressions and body language.


Dogs communicate with us in various ways, some of which may be obvious and some of which can cause you to be very frustrated if you do not know how you should react.

For example, when you come close to an unknown dog, it’s far better to avoid looking straight into his eyes. Dogs gazing at a person’s or another dog’s eyes, suggests hostility. If you are aware of this before-hand, you will avoid getting into a lot of trouble, in case you encounter a strange aggressive dog.

I hope this article will assist you in understanding your dog better.

The dog rolling over and showing you his belly, communicates trust and that they desire to please you.

When the dog places his head on your knee, they are trying to communicate that they want you to pay attention to them.

Dogs attempt to establish control through placing his paw on your knee. To show that that you are the boss and not them,  look into the dog’s eyes and remove the paws.

The dog has his paws up, suggests that your dog intends to ask you for something; possibly he wants something to eat or wishes to play. Also sometimes dogs do this when they observe something intriguing and want to satisfy their curiosity.

Showing you his back, shows that your dog trusts you a great deal.

The dog shaking their entire body is a way to get rid of water after being drenched in it as a method of easing stress.

The dog’s tail:

When the dog moves his tail side to side gradually, it means that he is unsure about the situation. In this case you need to show him what you desire him to do. A swift wag of the tail indicates he needs you to take charge.

The saying, “he went with his tail between his legs” comes from the habits of dogs. It is an indication that the dog is uncomfortable. Usually, the dog puts his tail in between his legs, when he is actually terrified of something or somebody.

The dog’s eyes:

When the dog wants to play they will creases their eyes. However, if they do this often, his eyes may be in discomfort and it is advisable to visit the veterinarian.

The dog’s ears:

When the dog’s ears are up, he is revealing to you that he’s interested and could also be responding to something new around him. This suggests that your dog is paying very close attention to every little thing occurring around him.

If the ears are folded next to the head: this is an indication that the dog is frightened. If all is well, gently rubbing him will be very reassuring in this situation.

The dog’s mouth:

The dog yawning is a sign that they are anxious or irritated. Pups do this when they encounter large unknown dogs. Your dog will yawn when they are tired and sleepy and after you yawn due to the connection you have with him.

A dog may lick their face suggesting they are stressed or sensing danger.

Your dog revealing his teeth with some snarling indicates the dog is safeguarding his territory. Dog’s typically do this while eating. Never ever approach a strange animal, while they’re eating, since they will think you want to take away their food and who knows what may happen next.



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