Well Behaved Dog

Well behaved puppies grow into well behaved dogs. On the other hand, the opposite is also true.

Raising a young puppy can be a wonderful experience. There will certainly be no much better contentment than when your puppy grows to maturity into a well behaved dog that you can really feel confident to bring around your neighbors, family and friends, without continuously being on edge and wondering when the embarrassing moment will rear its ugly head.

When you get a puppy, the process can be wonderful and gratifying, but it can also very demanding in regards to the time needed for supervising and training.

Puppies are like human babies; they require a lot of care and attention. If unsupervised, a puppy can do a lot of damage to your house, can get hurt, not to mention can learn bad habits which will be next to impossible to correct later on.

Puppies are curious and love to explore their surroundings using their mouths to discover new things. This can be quite risky if they get the wrong things. And can pose a choke or electric hazard.

As with cute toddlers, it is very difficult to reprimand puppies due to their adorable nature.

This can be problematic, as it is important for you as the dog owner to reprimand bad behavior and reward good behavior in your puppy in order to foster a sense of right and wrong.

Bad habits should be frowned upon and communicated in a firm way and the puppy taken to task about it instead of it being ignored.

Otherwise, the puppy will form bad behavior that will be difficult to correct if it goes on for a long time.  The expression, you cannot teach an old dog new tricks applies in this situation. Bad behavior is best and easier to correct earlier on than later on.

Designate a play area for your puppy and ensure that your puppy has enough room to play and run to and fro. But avoid giving your puppy free reign to roam free everywhere in your home.

Puppies should always be supervised or left in a puppy proof room. A contained play area with a baby gate or a dog pen will ensure that the dog does not stray.

Keep your pet busy with a variety of toys to chew on, so that they do not chew on your furniture or shoes.

Also designate an area where the puppy can relieve themselves and ensure it is well covered with newspapers to prevent your puppy from relieving himself on the floor or on your carpet. Walk your puppy on a regular basis to avoid an accident happening.

It is also important to make sure that you and your family members bond with the puppy to enhance trust.

In order to play a dominant role in your puppy’s life, it is important that they are aware that you are the boss. The best way to do this is through firmly reprimanding your puppy with a slightly raised voice.

Claiming your dominance early in your puppy’s life is good so that they are likely to follow your leading.

Be firm and reprimand bad behavior and reward good behavior with treats and some petting. When you establish your role as the boss, your puppy will learn to seek approval and guidance from you.

If you do not establish your supremacy early on, the puppy might attempt to be the boss, which will not be much fun for you and your family.


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