Dog Biting Prevention

Most people have heard of cases where a dog bites a child, a neighbor or another dog. The dog owner usually ends up incurring huge hospital bills, large fines or even worse landing in jail. The worst though is the guilt that would come if your dog ends up severely injuring or killing another person.

Every year, thousands of people are bitten by dogs that are familiar to them and some that are stray dogs. Sadly, the majority of the victims of dog bites are children.

All these can be avoided through proper education and training of both the dog owner and the dog.

Majority of dogs are very friendly, however, there are some that are very aggressive mostly as a result of lack of training or have been through a traumatizing experience.

As a dog owner you should be educated, fully committed and dedicated to the training of your dog. This will help prevent your children, family or neighbors falling victim to a dog bite from your dog.

It is important not to assume that your dog has come into your household already trained. Dogs must be trained in all aspects to ensure that they grow up as well disciplined dogs.

Dogs bite when they are terrified, angry, or feel threatened. Even friendly dogs are likely to bite if they feel cornered or crowded. Dogs are very protective over what they feel belongs to them this includes their food and toys. It is important to leave your dog’s things: food, toys, bones alone. You never want to pet a dog that is eating, caring or sleeping with its pups.

Dogs are territorial and they will naturally secure their territory: their sleeping, playing and resting areas. Dog’s are also protective over their owner’s house. My dog Scooby starts barking the second she senses someone at the door.

Dogs due to their predatory nature instinctively chase after and may even attack. Refrain from running past a dog. A dog that has strayed may be upset at being lost or injured and bite with no provocation whatsoever. Dogs if suddenly surprised may lash out and bite.

Young kids should be taught to be mindful around pets. They should be warned against playing rough with the dog. And to walk away from play biting, as it can easily turn deadly. Kids should be taught not to go near strange unfamiliar dogs and stray dogs.

It is important also to mind your body language when approaching a dog. A lot of injuries are triggered by getting too near a dog’s face with your own. Staring into a dog’s eyes signals hostility. Screaming and yelling can make a dog feel threatened. Refrain from swinging your arms or things you have at a canine. It might take this as a threat.

Petting strange dogs is an absolute no-no. Keep away from dogs that are tied up. You must always ask permission from a pet owner to pet his dog. Even if the owner is present and the dog is on a leash.

It is advisable to take your dog on a hike or stroll with you to release any stress they may have.

When all is said and done it is important that we humans need to deal with pets with regard. Simply remember to teach your kids how act around pet dogs. This will keep them safe.



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