Dogs In Their Old Age

Dogs in as long as they are given a well-balanced diet, are well groomed and they are fit will live very worthwhile lives. Whey a dog dies they dog owner never feels like the dog lived long enough. Every dog breed has a different life expectancy.

However, the dog’s life can be shortened if we fail to be keen on the overall well-being of the dog. On the other hand, the dog’s life can go beyond their life expectancy, if we take good care of their diet, health and grooming needs.

Keep in mind that a thirteen year old dog, will suffer the same aging problems as a seventy five year old human. There are certain needs that we as dog owners must pay a lot of attention to:

Medical and Oral Care: it is important to seek your veterinarian care in regards to your dog’s oral health. A visit every six months for dental care washing and general check-up is key.

If a dog’s oral health is ignored it can lead to gingivitis which can turn into abscesses and eventually may spread to other organs.

Older dogs due to old age suffer discomfort in many parts of their bodies, their joints also tend be weak coupled with general body weakness and other medical issues common as a result of old age. Continue with bi-annual vet examinations. Senior dogs need additional care with their aging problems.

Diet: Change his diet and feeding schedule to match his requirements. As dogs age they are less active and therefore require less calories.

Bathing and Grooming: as dogs are older they require even extra care when bathing them and grooming them.

Drier skin is a part of aging but can also be a signal for a developing medical condition. It is important to bathe them even more than smaller dogs.

Exercise: For an older dog, it is important to alter their exercise regimen into a less strenuous exercise program if your dog shows signs of heavy panting or does not appear to enjoy working out.

Make sure not to strain your dog by making sure that their exercise regimen matches their ability.

Living Conditions: Older dogs can experience hearing loss and reduced vision, which continues degrading with time. Keeping this in mind, it is crucial to make modifications to guarantee his safety by avoiding dangers that might be on his path.

Modification of his living space and his environment will be helpful in reducing any discomfort or pain.

It is also important to protect your dog from extreme cold and heat. Older dogs are not able to regulate their body temperature as well as younger dogs.

Even in their old age, your beloved pooch can live a quality life. It is your duty to ensure that they are comfortable in spite their failing bodies.



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