When your dog is still a small cute little puppy, its immune system may still be delicate and weak, and so they can be very prone to different types of illnesses. Since the immune system is still developing, it is very crucial for the puppy to grow well. Your puppy might experience some kinds of stomach aches, because of the weak immune system and inconclusive diet.

When puppies get extremely bored they develop some forms of behaviors, and chewing is one of them. To alleviate boredom, your puppy might chew on any random object within their vicinity, small toys, small branches, plastic, and other things might get to their mouths and eventually get swallowed. These things will inevitably cause your puppy to develop stomach ache because they have eaten something bad for them.

The items that the puppy swallowed might also cause a lot of damage to their digestive system. If your puppy is abnormally excreting blood, having trouble pooping and peeing, lethargic and decreasing in weight, they might be experiencing these symptoms because of unwanted objects inside their stomach. If you realize some form of these symptoms is happening to your puppy, you should call your vet immediately to get your beloved puppy checked and diagnosed.

Your vet will have the right knowledge to know the things to do when during this situation. Toxic substances like cleaning products and medicines should be taken far away and out of reach from your mutt. These are highly dangerous and may cause some serious irreparable damage to your dog’s stomach in the unwanted event that they swallow the toxic substances.

You should also let your beloved dog have a lot of exercises, this will alleviate the boredom your puppy is feeling and will let your pup avoid developing those unwanted behaviors like unwanted chewing.

You should also avoid feeding your pup certain types of food. Some food has some chemicals that can be very fatal for your beloved puppy. A famous one is a chocolate, other sugary foods might also be dangerous for your dog. Onions, grapes, and gum are also notably dangerous for your mutt’s stomach.

You should also try to research the right food to feed your pup, the internet is your friend. You can always consult your vet to develop the right diet that your dog should be eating considering their current situation.

Keeping your beloved puppy away from areas that can cause them to be infected with very bad diseases should also be a priority. Contact with unsanitary areas can cause your pup to be infected with viruses and bacteria, unvaccinated dogs can transfer diseases to your unsuspecting puppy.

The best way to avoid having your pup get stomach illnesses is by vaccination. Vaccines are relatively cheap and will ensure that your pup will not be infected by various fatal viruses.

Having your pup get vaccine shots is undeniably cheaper than having your dog go to treatment of an infected disease. Your puppy will also not suffer from the painful symptoms that the diseases might cause.


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